The Creative Woman Your Team Needs

Hi, I’m Mykera Crawford,
an independent Social Media Manager and Marketing Strategist
who loves helping others reach their online marketing potential.

I curated content with the FAU Career Center from August 2021-July 2022. You’ll notice there is a significant shift in content after this post under my advisory.

My experience in content strategy, execution, and curation has led me to become a specialist in all areas of social media marketing.

My specialty is creatively inspiring & curating content for a range of digital and social channels through visual storytelling.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a concentration in Writing & Rhetoric as well as a certification in Professional & Technical writing. I utilize these skills to recruit/manage influencers, curate SEO, copy, & launch new campaigns. As well as write & format blog posts for various companies.

I specialize in garnishing diverse audiences amongst Gen-Z & Millenials, with over 5+ years of specializing in social media marketing, curation & creation.

I wrote blogs & curated the content for this brand from January 2020- August 2020 during my internship.
I strategized this video to help students coming in to take professional headshots. I also took the professional headshots for the students which greatly helped.
I love to be behind the camera just as much as I love being in front of it. I help curate, schedule & create content as needed.

This past summer of 2022, I had the pleasure of working with Trade School. Our Apprentice team created the deck below to encourage TS to launch their account on the platform. I had a significant contribution to the curation and creation of examples as well as identifying trends, creating a brand voice & what KPIs will be focused on during this launch.

I have been writing for the Paradigm Press since its inception in 2020. Most recently I have become an editor for the paper as my personal workload has increased.

I am a multifaceted and talented woman who can do a multitude of amazing things in this field. If any of my work interests you, I encourage you to reach out to

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