Miami Carnival 2021 Mas Review

The highly anticipated & long-awaited Miami Carnival was last weekend. After being stuck indoors for over a year many patrons were excited to get back pon Di Road.

Participants were excited to play Mas this year & let out all of that pent up energy. For those who don’t know, Mas is short for masquerade in the Caribbean Carnival.

Cultures from all over the world celebrate Carnival or Carnaval, celebrating life & emancipation from slavery by dressing up in gorgeous costumes & dancing in the streets.

Masqueraders participate in a parade on Carnival Sunday (usually the 2nd Sunday in October). Dressed in glitter and glam. The day prior to that is a Jouvert Mas Paint Party, celebrating life in color and getting down and dirty with your fellow fete mates.

General admission tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day of. However, to be a masquerader in the Parade you had to have purchased your ticket and costume in advance.

Miami Carnival CDC updates

With this year’s new CDC regulations, the key phrase was “No Mask, No MAS”. Those who wanted to participate had to get tested for Covid and cleared before being permitted into the Miami Fairgrounds. Once inside the venue, everyone is expected to keep their masks on (most people don’t and it isn’t enforced past the gate).

As a masquerader, you must pick up your costume in advance at the designated locations given a few days before the events.

Every band does costume pick up differently but one common trend amongst all bands this year was miscommunication and disorganization.

As mentioned in this TikTok, there were technological errors with the system, ridiculously long wait times & bad customer service from multiple bands.

After speaking to some attendees I found out that the average wait time for costume pick up was between 2-8 hours.

Costume Pick Up Line

“No one told us anything and that turned a 45-minute process into 2 hours. I am just happy I didn’t have to wait as long as other bands did” stated T. Wiggan of One Island Band

F.F. of Gen X Band said “We arrived at 5 pm and did not receive our costumes until 1 in the morning. There were no refreshments nor apologies. We even saw some workers arguing with customers and laughing in their faces”.

The long wait for a costume is no problem when you’re getting exactly what you pay for. However, many reported missing items from their costume packaging & even a few completely different pieces used as substitutions.

Stephanie Hinds of Euphoria Mas stated “ My entire frontline backpack and headpiece were missing from my costume package”. In the picture below that has been turned into a meme, you can clearly see Ms. Hinds did not receive what she paid for.

What was purchased VS. what was received

Ms. Hinds went on to say that out of the 8 masqueraders she went with, 3 of the men were also missing belt pieces. Mind you, the belt pieces for men is most of the costume.

The quality of the costumes for 2021 seemed to be a rushed job, despite the fact that the costumes were paid at least a month in advance.

GenX released about 2-3 costumes daily to alleviate the stress of pickup. They advertised pictures on Instagram of all the costumes being ready for pickup.

Gen X masquerader F.F. stated “they were literally gluing everything together on site! Which was really strange because the other costumes were laid out and ready to go on the previous days. When I received my backpack it had hot glue string all over it. We were also supposed to get monokini’s but they told us at the last minute that the shipment was confiscated at customs a week prior & we didn’t even receive paint to throw for Jouvert”.

There were inconsistencies in the costume designs across several bands. Spending hundreds of dollars on a costume & heavy advertisement on Instagram have customers believing their getting the best of the best.

Margaret of One Island Mas band stated

“I received everything I ordered but my bottoms were not what we paid for. We paid for a high cut bottom but what we received was very identical to the back line basic panty. This was the part of the costume I loved, so it was disappointing not having that look. Overall the costume was beautiful but just not what I paid for”.

Some peoples costumes were perfectly constructed and lasted all day long (as they should). While a few (like myself) didn’t even make it from the parking lot to the entrance without losing a few gem pieces.

Quick Pro Tip: bring crazy glue with you to carnival. There were gems scattered on the floor before masqueraders even touched the road. Please note, a quality costume will not have you carrying crazy glue in your bag.

RedAntz Jouvert Truck

One thing about playing Mas is, you expect to be kept hydrated, fed & a little tipsy on the road. Many (including myself) had a great experience with breakfast and lunch on both days. Drinks flowing well from morning til night & the bartenders catering to our every need.

Some however, weren’t as lucky.

“We were told to be there at 8 for breakfast to be served from 8-10 but they didn’t serve food or drinks until after 10” Katrina Lewis of Savage Mas stated.

Written in paint dust “No food I want my money back”

Some people didn’t receive food at all and wanted refunds for the trucks not having as much food as tickets sold. Other drink trucks stopped serving drinks around 5 or 6 pm though the event lasted until 11 pm.

The overall quality of the food and drinks were both good when they were in stock & there were no complaints about that. Let it be known that Gen X had the drinks flowing from mawnin til night. We were lit and well taken care of!

The GenX Drinks truck

When masqueraders were asked what their favorite part of their Mas experience was many said the over all experience. Regardless of any setbacks we all go to carnival to have fun.

“My favorite part was seeing all my friends and family just come together and experience the culture as one!” said an unnamed masquerader.

When asked their least favorite part of their experience it varied by band. Those who played with One Island said “I didn’t like that we were second to last, we crossed the stage at 10:30 pm and one island band is so big they could have their own carnival”.

Another masquerader from One Island stated “what I hated most was being squished together on the fences whenever the path got more narrow & getting slapped/scratched in the face by feather backpacks”.

Margaret from One Island said “there was no music played until 1 pm on Jouvert Saturday & no paint. We were standing around our truck without any apologies and zero communication. I left Jouvert clean” .

That last part of the statement shook me because no one should ever leave Jouvert clean! The first rule of Jouvert is we’re here to get dirty.

Jouvert via @genxcarnival on Instagram

The parade was supposed to start at noon however, the bands did not start moving until after 2 pm. Thus not allowing everyone to enjoy the full experience of the mixing of masqueraders and the general admission crowd.

When asked if they would play Mas again, all attendees interviewed (myself included) said yes! However, most are now reconsidering the band they will play with next time around.

Some people mentioned considering disputing the charges on their credit cards because they were simply not given what they were sold.

Ms. Hinds stated “If they give us our money back I would be willing to try them again. Bands aren’t always gonna get it right, this we know and sometimes you have to have a year like this to get it right but we deserve our money back”.

Every single attendee (including myself) said they had fun and the experience was worth the stress. The main issue is the costumes are highly-priced and not made to last so they do not seem worth it. The customer service needs improvement and there should be more resources on site for masqueraders.

Many are saying this year was a terrible year in quality and customer service. My friends and I, (like many) made the most of our experience and ensured we had fun and got our moneys worth.

To all bands, we hope to see more out of you next year as we will be playing Mas again & want to have the experience be a seamless & carefree.

My Carnival Crew!

Thank you @miabrocarnival & @genxcarnival.

Until next time…

Thank you for reading!

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Mykera Thee Manifestor

The origin story of a girl who constantly doubted her abilities, not knowing she was not only in control of her destiny but she herself, was magic.

Hello reader of this blog post! I wanted to start this blog by introducing myself to you. My name is Mykera Crawford and I am 23 years old. I currently reside in South Florida, but originally I am from Windsor, Ontario (that it’s Canada btw).

Since moving to South Florida, I have become such a Floridian! I visit the beach as much as I possibly to swim, lounge or even grab drinks. My favorite past times are taking hikes in our nature preserves, biking, skating or participating in outdoor water sports (kayaking, paddle boarding, etc).

When I am stuck inside I enjoy drawing, baking, jewelry making, painting, cooking, writing, photography, sewing, content creating and more. Ideally, I like to end everyday feeling like I created something positive to either help myself or others.

I decided to finally create this blog because after sitting at home everyday due to the current pandemic, I realized just how fun my life was before it hit! I start my day looking at my snapchat memories from the previous years. This pandemic helped me realize how much of my life I was taking for granted and how much I love the documentation of life.

I am utilizing this blog so that the world may see itself through my eyes. I am a fun and loving girl who is always up for an adventure. On this blog (and on my Youtube Channel) you will see adventures from my past to my present and with much more to come in the future.

I want to see more stories about women like me so I have decided to write my own!

I am the ruler of my universe and the manifestor of my future.

I hope you enjoy.


Mykera Crawford aka Mykera Thee Manifestor

Jenny With The Pot: A Birria Experience Like No Other!

“Jenny With The Pot” is a local South Floridian pop up chef who is changing the game when it comes to Birria tacos. Birria tacos became very popular at the start of the pandemic as they trended on TikTok for months, leaving many wondering what they tasted like.

I personally have tried birria tacos, quesadillas & ramen from four other South Florida spots and none of them hold a candle to what Jenny has in her pot! The seasoning of the food, is carefully curated to melt on your tongue with each and every bite.

Jenny With The Pot will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this Saturday, July 30th with a block party! It has been amazing to watch this company grow and get to know the kind owner & workers of this pop-up restaurant.

This local black woman-owned business deserves all the love and recognition for their hard work and building of this amazing birria community. So if you are free, show up! The event is also free! You just have to pay for the tacos.

Many restaurants and chefs have worked hard to create delicious birria and put a spin on their versions. Though, none do it quite like Jenny. Jenny has got her recipes down to a science and it leaves many wanting more. I spoke with the owner and Head Chef Jenny who told me “At age 12 after constantly being pushed to do chores in the kitchen, it grew into a passion” and that shows in every taco she makes.

The difference between Jenny & many other local South Floridian chefs making birria is the love and seasoning that goes into the food! Jenny has a mild and spicy version of her birria tacos & will fix it up exactly how you like it.

Jenny is also what can be considered a “pop-up chef”.

She travels to different bars and breweries across South Florida, setting up shop at the venue. Currently she serves tacos at Craft Cellar Beer, LauderAle, Hopportunities, Yeasty Brews, Orchestrated Minds, & Matthews Brewing company.

While these are the bars she currently serves at, it’s best you follow Jenny With The Pot on Instagram to keep updated on where she will pop up next.

When you see her pop-up tent, just know your tastebuds are about to be pleased. The options on the menu are birria tacos, chicken, beef, or vegetarian (which is made with black beans) with a side opinion of Elote corn. If you get a combo platter you can try all three with a side of corn.

The magic comes into play once you dip your crunchy taco into your mini cup of birria stew. Your tastebuds will ascend to the heavens at that point. The corn compliments the meal so well and that’s all you really need. If you’re over 21 I would definitely recommend checking out the drinks at the brewery/bar she chooses, she only works with the best.

When I asked Jenny what the favorite part of her job was, she said “seeing and hearing people being so happy and having a life changing moment” and trust me these are life changing tacos.

She went on to say “being a stay at home mom at the time and not being in the industry anymore I was testing out dishes in my own kitchen and was not planning on going back working for someone. I realized this was one dish that’s not known in Florida but it’s such a big thing in California cause of the border town in Mexico where this dish originated”.

When asked what her next goal was, Jenny stated “Honestly I just wanna be successful in what I do and be recognized I haven’t seen any black female popups especially in the brewery industry”.

Pop up restaurants are likely the next big thing in the food industry, but many restaurants go on to open restaurants of their own once they reach a certain level of success and loyalty.

When asked if she would ever open a permanent restaurant the amazing chef responded

“NO‼️ I would never put that much stress on myself I think that’s why you see a trend of popups if you haven’t started seeing it yet. 

It’s such a smart decision to stay as a popup and we get to control literally everything”.

Jenny is truly such a kind and caring person that puts love into her work. So if you haven’t tried her tacos yet, THIS IS YOUR SIGN.

Thank you for reading! 

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Lunch at the Gianni Versace Mansion: Undervalued or Overrated?

Most South Floridians won’t be caught on the South Beach strip because it’s always in havoc. Though, when you want to treat yourself to a good time the South Beach strip has fun around every corner.

The Gianni Versace Mansion has a lunch special for $29 which includes one appetizer and one entree. Depending on what you order there may be additional fees but for Versace quality $29 is a steal.

Having never been to the restaurant before, as you can imagine my friends and I were all excited to try the infamous food. However, I am afraid they just did not live up to expectations.

Lunch dining was quite busy and it is very clear that the staff will favor anyone who they believe is going to tip them heavily.

This assumption comes from our table not being offered water but instead having to wait until being passed by a waiter with a pitcher of water a third time to request that we have some as well.

While the staff was kind, they were not very attentive and a bit forgetful. This would not be a problem if the food was phenomenal. However, the food was basic and lacking in flavor.

Lobster Pasta

For an appetizer I ordered the shrimp, which was good. It’s quite hard to mess up fried shrimp so I am glad I was able to enjoy that pleasantly. However, for my entrée the lobster pasta; the pasta sauce, legit had the after taste of Chef Boyardee, true a travesty.

The venue itself is photographed to look larger than it actually is and it felt really cramped near the Versace pool.

It was giving “overrated”, but again this is only the perspective of someone who partook in the “lunch special”. So granted, this may just be them trying to keep money coming in and not actually trying their best.

Overall, this is one of those experiences that you just do to say you did it. Everything that glitters isn’t gold and sometimes that $20 BBQ plate from the food truck is everything you need and more.

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Bake Shack in Dania Beach

My friends and I set out quite early last Sunday morning for a morning beach skate. Unfortunately & unbeknownst to us, there were bands of rain coming our way that wouldn’t let up for at least an hour.

We had all traveled quite a bit just to make it to the beach early & beat the sun, but the sun was in hiding. So, one of my friends suggested we try to find something to eat in the area and see if the rain lightens up in the meantime.

After searching the local area via Google Maps, we stumbled across a small business called the “Bake Shack” in Dania.

The reviews looked good, the store looked cute and quaint and there were places to sit so we checked it out. Granted, I totally was recommending First Watch before this but I am so glad we went here instead.

The Bake Shack in Dania Beach

As we entered, you can tell this is a place that the locals frequently visit. The dining room was full & shortly after our arrival there was a line nearly out the door to order.

I ordered a veggie wrap $7 & 6 gourmet donuts $12. It was worth every penny, let me just show you.

Veggie Wrap from the Bake Shack In Dania Beach

This veggie wrap was everything I needed to get my day started off on the right foot. I only had a protein shake and that would not have been sufficient enough for the beach skate workout my friends and I did after this meal.

Eggs, spinach, onion and the right amount of seasoning wrapped up in a warm tortilla was everything I didn’t know I needed!

I took a short Snapchat video and added it to the local snap map story because it was so good!

Though it is a veggie wrap, it did come with cheese.

However, I truly have no complaints because although I wasn’t aware the veggie wrap had cheese in it, once I let the staff know they quickly replaced it. I added a little hot sauce and OMG it was FIRE! Just so damn good!

The pastry case at the Bake Shack

The gourmet treats they offer here was just too good to pass up, so I got a half-dozen for my family to try. Everything is so uniquely crafted I had to be extremely selective with my half-dozen because they all looked so deliciously satisfying.

I enjoyed every bite of this breakfast and it gave me the energy I needed to skate my heart out at the beach.

Take a break from your average go to breakfast spot and give the Bake Shack a try.

You won’t be disappointed!

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Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum Review

There are a million fun things to do in Miami, as many of us know. However, not every event or venue is family/kid friendly & when they are, many of them are exclusively tailored to what they think children want.

I can wholeheartedly say that the Frost Science Museum has something for everyone, adults and children alike!

The Museum is set up in a 6 story building with the top floor being an observation deck where you can “snap the perfect pic using the stunning Biscayne Bay as your backdrop”.

I must admit the view of the bay is beautiful and it gives you a much better look at the architecture of the city. After enjoying a day at the museum sitting in the “Sun Spot” for a bit was quite relaxing.

I visited the museum earlier this year and was lucky enough to receive complementary visitor passes to return for their new exhibit the “Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs”. I believe I was chosen at random to receive these tickets but was very grateful to have received them.

One complimentary ticket came with admittance into the museum as well as one Planetarium ticket. Since two tickets were purchased back when I visited in March, I received two complimentary tickets and shared the second with my younger brother.

At the Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum, they describe each floor as levels.

Eel pictured at Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum

Level 1 houses the Planetarium, the new Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs exhibit & the “Power of Science” exhibit.

My favorite interactive section of the pterosaurs exhibit is a virtual experience where we pretended to be a flying pterosaur trying to catch a fish or one trying to catch bugs.

My brother and I both found ourselves flapping our “wings” like crazy trying to catch our virtual prey. We discussed how hard it probably was for them as well and how skilled you have to be to catch moving prey.

You can learn about the first kind of flying animals, see cool marine life & learn about how science is a big part of how the world works on Level 1.

Level 2 houses the Aquarium: The Deep, & the MeLab where kids can learn about how every choice you make effects your body. This is also where you’ll get the first view of the Oculus Aquarium.

The Gulf Stream Oculus Aquarium at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Level 3 houses the Aquarium: The Dive, Feathers to the Stars & the second part of the MeLab which has many interactive exhibits. One that particularly stood out to me was an exhibit that picks up on your shadow and reflects it onto the wall virtually.

We played a real-life version of the fruit ninja. Your shadow slices the virtual fruit and you play as long as you can until you miss 3 fruits. To teach the importance of balancing fruit and veggies in you diet.

There were many species of exotic marine life to be found throughout this museum. Personally the marine life is what intrigued my brother & I the most. In front of every tank, there’s an iPad with information about what’s in the tank. This helped answer a lot of our questions about marine life and the plants that they coexist with.

Octopus pictured at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Level 4 houses the Aquarium: Royal Caribbean Vista, the River of Grass exhibit (which focuses on the Everglades and how our ecosystem in Florida works) & the Design Lab: Engineering which teaches us the power of physics.

Alligator pictured at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Level 4 really focuses on animals that can be found in our local environment like crocodiles, snakes, birds & turtles. It also features a small water exhibit that demonstrates the importance of Dams, bridges & our cities structure. It quite frankly displays how we prevent the city from flooding using children’s building blocks.

Mudskipper pictured at Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum
Sleeping Sea Horses pictured at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum

There currently aren’t any active exhibits on level 5. From that point your options are to head up to the top deck for the view of the city at “The Sun Spot” or you can stay on level 4 & view the top of the Gulf Stream Oculus Aquarium tank.

Out of all the exhibits the one that never ceases to amaze me is the Gulf Stream Oculus Aquarium tank. It is teeming with sea life! Sharks, Manta/Sting Rays, a Sea Turtle & many variations of beautiful fish.

What intrigues me the most about the tank is the current. The tank is designed to create an optical illusion of what I imagine it would feel like if I was a sea creature at the bottom of the ocean and was looking up at the sky.

In addition to its ingenious design, you can view this tank from 3 different perspectives. Underneath on Level 2, you can be at eye level with the tank on Level 3 & you can view the tank from the top on Level 4. During this visit, we just so happened to arrive at feeding time and got to watch the behaviors of the animals while being fed. It was a cool sight to see, honestly.

Gulf Stream Oculus at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

On level 4, they also have a touch tank with sting rays in it. There are instructions on how to properly touch the animals so neither you nor the animals get hurt in the process.

I’ve never touched one before this visit, but I mustered up the courage so I wouldn’t look like a chicken in front of my little brother. It felt smooth, slimy, and kinda like leather. It really seems like the sting rays like to be touched to because they come to you!

Sting Ray Touch Tank at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Aforementioned, the museum offers planetarium shows throughout the day. The options are “Worlds Beyond Earth” narrated by Lupita Nyong’o, “Dynamic Earth” narrated by Liam Neeson, & “Phantom of The Universe: The hunt for dark matter” narrated by Tilda Swinton.

No recording is allowed during the show, but I promise it’s one that you’ll soon not forget. The visual effects of the planetarium were amazing & pretty trippy. The show was both informative and entertaining

The only places I did not visit was the cafe & the gift shop. It was a gift in itself to visit this museum and have such a great time with my brother who is a decade younger than I am.

I would recommend this museum to any & everybody who’s looking to learn something new and wants to visit a cool museum. I would recommend this museum to tourists & locals alike. It’s something fun to do in Miami for the whole family.

10/10 , would recommend & would go again.

You can visit their website at FrostScience.org

Prices of Frost Science Museum
Frost Science Museum COVID19 policy

Thank you for reading!

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Frost Science Museum

Chick’n Cone: A Sweet & Savory Treat

Chick’n Cone has recently opened a location in Fort Lauderdale. A friend and I decided to give it a try for the very first time and the location did not disappoint.

Two Chick’n cones & fries combo

This TikTok referred eatery is a unique twist on chicken and waffles. Chick’n Cone is a fast & convenient way to get your fix of chicken and waffles.

Chickncone Menu

Maybe you’re feeling spicy… or maybe you’re feeling sweet! No matter what you’re feeling, Chickncone’s got ya covered! My friend did the Cinna-Maple combo & I got the Peri Peri combo. Both were divine!

My friend unhinges his jaw to eat

The restaurant is fairly sized, but kind of a hole in the wall. Luckily they share a parking lot with a few other local Fort Lauderdale businesses that have picnic tables set out under umbrellas in the parking lot.

Once you’ve placed your order, you can find a nice spot to wait and listen out for your name being called through their pickup window. Pictured above.

Honestly, Chickn’ cone had great chicken, and fries were fresh, quality made and simply delicious!

However, I was under the impression the waffle cones would be soft or warm. Which was a bit of a disappointment for me.

The waffle cones were actually quite crunchy & a little hard in comparison to the rest of the meal.

When I crave chicken and waffles it is also for the fluffiness and warmness of the waffle. So if that is something you can relate to I would not suggest this place.

Overall the experience was good, service was good and food was good! I say 8/10 simply because of my personal preferences to using what seemed like a regular store bought waffle cone.

I personally do not think I would return to Chickn’ cone again, unless someone else was paying for the meal.

Nevertheless, if you are curious to find out just how good Chickn’Cone is, visit their new location in Fort Lauderdale. Check them out on Instagram or their website.

Thank you for reading!

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Telfar Global Shopping Bags: An Honest Review & Tips On How To Secure Your Own Telfar Bag.

I am lucky enough to be the owner of not one, but three Telfar Clemmens shopping bags and after using them for a few months there are a some things I have begun to notice about the bags.

Telfar Clemmens started the business Telfar in 2005, with a goal of creating a fashion trend for everyone.

I loved that concept from the beginning because I believe fashion tries to be too restricting. Fashion designers create the product but I believe that it’s regular people that bring brands to life.

What I admire most about the brand is that everything is unisex. I have male friends that I can go out with we have matching handbags and I think that’s pretty damn cool.

Mykera Thee Manifestor (Left) & Her Male friend
Featuring their Telfar Shopping Bags

Now, my personal favorite sized Telfar is the medium. Simply because it can fit all your personal belongings without feeling like you’re being too weighed down. Just like any other Telfar you can wear it on your wrist, over the shoulder or even cross-bodied. It includes one large zipper pocket on the inside and ample space.

Mykera Thee Manifestor & Mini Tan Telfar Bag

My first Telfar was a small Tan shopping bag. While I love tiny bags as much as the next person, this bag really challenges your Tetris skills as it relates to getting all of your needed items into one bag.

This bag does not include a zipper but does however include a secret mini pocket posed as the inner tag of the bag.

One of my favorite Telfar Owners secret is the secret pockets they include in their shopping bags. Posed as a regular bag tag logo, it’s really a secret mini pocket to be used at your discretion. 😉

Telfar Clemmens Secret Pocket

They include these logo tag pockets in all three sizes of their bags. It is quite small, so here is another picture to reference when thinking about what you can conceal in your secret pocket.

Telfar Secret Pocket

The label tags/secret pockets are the same size amongst all of their bags and can prove to be very useful if utilized correctly.

We all know Telfar is in high demand so here are some tips on how to get a Telfar bag of your own:

First things first, create an account on their website and upload all of your information. You should not be entering any personal information on bag drop day.

Secondly, make sure you are subscribed to their email list so you know exactly what dates and times (check the time zone) you need to be on their website for drops.

Lastly, if you know you’re not fast enough to acquire the bags the regular way just have patience!

The bag security program hosted by Telfar allows you to select any bag color and size for 24 hours with no limits set. The only difference is your bags arrive a few months after purchase opposed to the usual week of shipping.

Through Telfar’s bag security program you can have every and any bag you want without worrying they may sell out by the time you get to checkout.

Now some of you may be thinking, “I’ll just purchase from someone reselling the bag”.

Before doing that consider how harmful that is to this black owned brand and many others. By purchasing from resellers and supporting their price gouging, you directly hurt many black owned businesses and their patrons. Buy from the source and be patient, it’s the best way to make the black dollar count.

Now the cons to the Telfar bag are few and far between but I will speak on it. The small Telfar bags are exactly as described, SMALL.

All I can fit in a small Telfar is my iPhone 11Pro, my keys & MAYBE my wallet & some lipgloss but at that point the bag can no longer close.

The magnet on the small bag isn’t strong enough so if there is any pressure on the sides of the bag, it will remain open.

I personally wish the straps were detachable as most bags come with the straps attached in that manner. With Telfar the straps are stitched on and can be tucked into the bag when not in use but for the small bag this can be especially annoying seeing as there isn’t much room for them.

I have recently purchased my first large Telfar bag with Telfar’s latest bag security program and am waiting for it to arrive somewhere between July and September. Only after experiencing all three will I create a YouTube review of my favorite and least favorite things about different sized Telfar bags.

Overall, I am a fan of these vegan leather Telfar Bags! They are cute & simple. Dress them up or dress them down. Use them as a fashion bag or even as a spennanight bag. Young, old, female or male, anyone with a sense of fashion can wear a Telfar Bag.

You can check out more about the Telfar brand on their website or through their Instagram page. If you want to be featured on their page, tag them in your posts!

Thank you for reading!

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Duck Donuts: Delicious Donuts Made To Order

This local shop in Boca Raton crafts freshly custom made donuts! These donuts are made fresh to order for each and every one of it’s customers. As a first time visitor to this restaurant I took it upon myself to order a dozen donuts and taste test them and tell you all about it!

The selection at duck donuts seems never ending. While they have their specialty donuts & fan favorites, you can also customize your donuts to your liking. All donuts are made with a regular vanilla donut, you can select it’s coating, topping & even add a drizzle to create your perfect donut.

If you’re an indecisive person like I am, you may be more open to their signature assortment of donuts provided at the register at the time of order. Make sure you take your time and really look over their menu selections, there are so many good ones you may just want to try them all!

Once you’ve placed your order they immediately drop the dough for the donuts into the fryers. It was 5-7 minutes later that my entire order was complete and tempting me to tear up those donuts right there in the establishment. With strict covid restrictions in place I respectfully took the donuts to a local park to devour.

Now, if you’ve never had freshly made donuts you a truly missing out! These donuts were warm, soft, savory & sweet to the perfect degree! My personal favorites were The boardwalk & Blueberry Cheesecake.

Everyone in the establishment was extremely nice & courteous. They greeted my party immediately as we came through the door and ensured we loved the way our donuts looked before we left.

It also was brought to my attention that they have a student discount of 10% off your order if you go to the local university, FAU. So if you are an FAU student looking for a restaurant with student discount, this is a great place to stop for dessert (or maybe even breakfast).

10/10 will be returning to duck donuts again! They’re a little pricey but definitely worth it! Check out their website duckdonuts.com or check them out on Instagram Duckdonuts.

Thank you for reading!

For more reviews that you didn’t ask for, follow my blog! I will be continuing to review things to eat and do in South Florida!

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MIY Ceramics Hollywood: Make It Yourself Ceramics Class Review

Whether you’re living in South Florida or just visiting, you may find yourself tired of doing the same old things. Eating out, Clubbing and going to the beach can get tiring if you do it too frequently.

Sometimes in order to try something new, and out of the box you’ve got to find the hidden gems within the city!

While scouring Groupon for something fun & cheap to do in South Florida, I stumbled across the MIY Ceramics hand-building class.

For only $21 you can engage in a hands-on class that teaches the basics of creating ceramics. I do want to emphasize this is a hand-building class, i.e. you will not be working with the pottery wheel but with your hands, clay and other provided tools.

They provide tools like stamps, clay rollers & clay molds to create your desired art project.

In addition to the $21 payment for the Groupon, you pay for the weight of your creation. They charge by the pound. They also offer different finishes for your project, you can paint it yourself or get the house glaze.

I personally suggest getting your handmade creation finished with the “House Glaze”.

Incense Holder after being baked and finished with the house glaze.

It took about 3 and a half weeks to get my item back. The class is so popular their ovens are backed up with products that need the final glazing.

The class starts with the basics, teaching you how to mould clay into your desired form.

The instructor of the class will want you to follow along with their design before starting your own, and you may change it to whatever you like.

Once the basics have been covered, you can request as much clay as it takes to make your ceramic dreams come true. You are only charged for the weight of your creation and they recycle the clay that goes unused.

The instructor of the class was very informative, friendly and chatty. They are a very “by the book” place so try to follow the instructor as closely as possible and do your best to keep at her pace or she may grow a bit frustrated.

While everyone did keep their mask on for the entirety of the session, there wasn’t any hand-sanitizer or cleansing wipes provided and we did share many of the same tools.

If you are a germaphobe keep in mind you may likely have to bring your own cleaning supplies to reduce the spread of germs between you and others.

The class was about 2 hours long and Hollywood’s Young Circle is just around the corner. So after ceramics class you can get a bite to eat, drink or even find a lounge to hang out in.

I suggest calling MIY Ceramics after purchasing your Groupon online to verify the availability in the classes as they are filling up quickly this summer! I would definitely recommend this class as I have purchased the Groupon again!

Thank you for reading!

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Dollar Tree: A College Student’s Oasis

As a college student, I often find myself having the most fun in my life when I had the least amount of money. I always thought that was kind of weird until I realized, the less money you have, the more creative you get with your spending!

However you choose to entertain yourself while being stressed out by college life, you should always make sure you have your basic needs covered. A great way to cover those basic needs is to find your closest Dollar Tree and make that dollar stretch!

When it comes to toiletries you can get body wash (or bar soap), hand soap, dental care essentials, hair care essentials, and much more all from dollar tree! You can literally supply your bathroom with all dollar tree products.

They’ve even got cleaning supplies in there. So get a bucket and a mop for that dirty old dorm! Air fresheners, shower curtains, paper towels, and toilet paper. You need it? They got it! I am not exaggerating at all when I say Dollar Tree is an oasis. Where else can you get most of your basic needs for less than a dollar? Granted, some of the items are smaller than you would find them at a usual store but still, it’s only a DOLLAR!

I have created several videos on my TikTok and Youtube channel exclusively dedicated to the amazing products you can get from your local Dollar Tree. I recently posted a Dollar Tree Haul with over 50+ items that you can get from Dollar Tree. If you want to see how you can have clear skin using only Dollar Tree products and you only have a small time for viewing I suggest you view my Dollar Tree Skincare Product Tiktok. Lastly, if you want to learn how to do a simple and natural makeup look using Dollar Tree Products you can check out one of my latest MakeUp Tutorials on Youtube.

I have decorated my dorm room with Dollar Tree Accessories, I get all my favorite snacks and quick meals from Dollar Tree. Most important of all I get a lot of my toiletries (makeup and skincare products) from Dollar Tree and they’ve really helped me live my best life on a budget!

What cool things have you found at your local Dollar Tree? Tell me below in the comments!