Jenny With The Pot: A Birria Experience Like No Other!

“Jenny With The Pot” is a local South Floridian pop up chef who is changing the game when it comes to Birria tacos. Birria tacos became very popular at the start of the pandemic as they trended on TikTok for months, leaving many wondering what they tasted like.

I personally have tried birria tacos, quesadillas & ramen from four other South Florida spots and none of them hold a candle to what Jenny has in her pot! The seasoning of the food, is carefully curated to melt on your tongue with each and every bite.

Jenny With The Pot will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this Saturday, July 30th with a block party! It has been amazing to watch this company grow and get to know the kind owner & workers of this pop-up restaurant.

This local black woman-owned business deserves all the love and recognition for their hard work and building of this amazing birria community. So if you are free, show up! The event is also free! You just have to pay for the tacos.

Many restaurants and chefs have worked hard to create delicious birria and put a spin on their versions. Though, none do it quite like Jenny. Jenny has got her recipes down to a science and it leaves many wanting more. I spoke with the owner and Head Chef Jenny who told me “At age 12 after constantly being pushed to do chores in the kitchen, it grew into a passion” and that shows in every taco she makes.

The difference between Jenny & many other local South Floridian chefs making birria is the love and seasoning that goes into the food! Jenny has a mild and spicy version of her birria tacos & will fix it up exactly how you like it.

Jenny is also what can be considered a “pop-up chef”.

She travels to different bars and breweries across South Florida, setting up shop at the venue. Currently she serves tacos at Craft Cellar Beer, LauderAle, Hopportunities, Yeasty Brews, Orchestrated Minds, & Matthews Brewing company.

While these are the bars she currently serves at, it’s best you follow Jenny With The Pot on Instagram to keep updated on where she will pop up next.

When you see her pop-up tent, just know your tastebuds are about to be pleased. The options on the menu are birria tacos, chicken, beef, or vegetarian (which is made with black beans) with a side opinion of Elote corn. If you get a combo platter you can try all three with a side of corn.

The magic comes into play once you dip your crunchy taco into your mini cup of birria stew. Your tastebuds will ascend to the heavens at that point. The corn compliments the meal so well and that’s all you really need. If you’re over 21 I would definitely recommend checking out the drinks at the brewery/bar she chooses, she only works with the best.

When I asked Jenny what the favorite part of her job was, she said “seeing and hearing people being so happy and having a life changing moment” and trust me these are life changing tacos.

She went on to say “being a stay at home mom at the time and not being in the industry anymore I was testing out dishes in my own kitchen and was not planning on going back working for someone. I realized this was one dish that’s not known in Florida but it’s such a big thing in California cause of the border town in Mexico where this dish originated”.

When asked what her next goal was, Jenny stated “Honestly I just wanna be successful in what I do and be recognized I haven’t seen any black female popups especially in the brewery industry”.

Pop up restaurants are likely the next big thing in the food industry, but many restaurants go on to open restaurants of their own once they reach a certain level of success and loyalty.

When asked if she would ever open a permanent restaurant the amazing chef responded

“NO‼️ I would never put that much stress on myself I think that’s why you see a trend of popups if you haven’t started seeing it yet. 

It’s such a smart decision to stay as a popup and we get to control literally everything”.

Jenny is truly such a kind and caring person that puts love into her work. So if you haven’t tried her tacos yet, THIS IS YOUR SIGN.

Thank you for reading! 

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