Lunch at the Gianni Versace Mansion: Undervalued or Overrated?

Most South Floridians won’t be caught on the South Beach strip because it’s always in havoc. Though, when you want to treat yourself to a good time the South Beach strip has fun around every corner.

The Gianni Versace Mansion has a lunch special for $29 which includes one appetizer and one entree. Depending on what you order there may be additional fees but for Versace quality $29 is a steal.

Having never been to the restaurant before, as you can imagine my friends and I were all excited to try the infamous food. However, I am afraid they just did not live up to expectations.

Lunch dining was quite busy and it is very clear that the staff will favor anyone who they believe is going to tip them heavily.

This assumption comes from our table not being offered water but instead having to wait until being passed by a waiter with a pitcher of water a third time to request that we have some as well.

While the staff was kind, they were not very attentive and a bit forgetful. This would not be a problem if the food was phenomenal. However, the food was basic and lacking in flavor.

Lobster Pasta

For an appetizer I ordered the shrimp, which was good. It’s quite hard to mess up fried shrimp so I am glad I was able to enjoy that pleasantly. However, for my entrée the lobster pasta; the pasta sauce, legit had the after taste of Chef Boyardee, true a travesty.

The venue itself is photographed to look larger than it actually is and it felt really cramped near the Versace pool.

It was giving “overrated”, but again this is only the perspective of someone who partook in the “lunch special”. So granted, this may just be them trying to keep money coming in and not actually trying their best.

Overall, this is one of those experiences that you just do to say you did it. Everything that glitters isn’t gold and sometimes that $20 BBQ plate from the food truck is everything you need and more.

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