Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum Review

There are a million fun things to do in Miami, as many of us know. However, not every event or venue is family/kid friendly & when they are, many of them are exclusively tailored to what they think children want.

I can wholeheartedly say that the Frost Science Museum has something for everyone, adults and children alike!

The Museum is set up in a 6 story building with the top floor being an observation deck where you can “snap the perfect pic using the stunning Biscayne Bay as your backdrop”.

I must admit the view of the bay is beautiful and it gives you a much better look at the architecture of the city. After enjoying a day at the museum sitting in the “Sun Spot” for a bit was quite relaxing.

I visited the museum earlier this year and was lucky enough to receive complementary visitor passes to return for their new exhibit the “Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs”. I believe I was chosen at random to receive these tickets but was very grateful to have received them.

One complimentary ticket came with admittance into the museum as well as one Planetarium ticket. Since two tickets were purchased back when I visited in March, I received two complimentary tickets and shared the second with my younger brother.

At the Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum, they describe each floor as levels.

Eel pictured at Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum

Level 1 houses the Planetarium, the new Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs exhibit & the “Power of Science” exhibit.

My favorite interactive section of the pterosaurs exhibit is a virtual experience where we pretended to be a flying pterosaur trying to catch a fish or one trying to catch bugs.

My brother and I both found ourselves flapping our “wings” like crazy trying to catch our virtual prey. We discussed how hard it probably was for them as well and how skilled you have to be to catch moving prey.

You can learn about the first kind of flying animals, see cool marine life & learn about how science is a big part of how the world works on Level 1.

Level 2 houses the Aquarium: The Deep, & the MeLab where kids can learn about how every choice you make effects your body. This is also where you’ll get the first view of the Oculus Aquarium.

The Gulf Stream Oculus Aquarium at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Level 3 houses the Aquarium: The Dive, Feathers to the Stars & the second part of the MeLab which has many interactive exhibits. One that particularly stood out to me was an exhibit that picks up on your shadow and reflects it onto the wall virtually.

We played a real-life version of the fruit ninja. Your shadow slices the virtual fruit and you play as long as you can until you miss 3 fruits. To teach the importance of balancing fruit and veggies in you diet.

There were many species of exotic marine life to be found throughout this museum. Personally the marine life is what intrigued my brother & I the most. In front of every tank, there’s an iPad with information about what’s in the tank. This helped answer a lot of our questions about marine life and the plants that they coexist with.

Octopus pictured at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Level 4 houses the Aquarium: Royal Caribbean Vista, the River of Grass exhibit (which focuses on the Everglades and how our ecosystem in Florida works) & the Design Lab: Engineering which teaches us the power of physics.

Alligator pictured at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Level 4 really focuses on animals that can be found in our local environment like crocodiles, snakes, birds & turtles. It also features a small water exhibit that demonstrates the importance of Dams, bridges & our cities structure. It quite frankly displays how we prevent the city from flooding using children’s building blocks.

Mudskipper pictured at Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum
Sleeping Sea Horses pictured at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Science Museum

There currently aren’t any active exhibits on level 5. From that point your options are to head up to the top deck for the view of the city at “The Sun Spot” or you can stay on level 4 & view the top of the Gulf Stream Oculus Aquarium tank.

Out of all the exhibits the one that never ceases to amaze me is the Gulf Stream Oculus Aquarium tank. It is teeming with sea life! Sharks, Manta/Sting Rays, a Sea Turtle & many variations of beautiful fish.

What intrigues me the most about the tank is the current. The tank is designed to create an optical illusion of what I imagine it would feel like if I was a sea creature at the bottom of the ocean and was looking up at the sky.

In addition to its ingenious design, you can view this tank from 3 different perspectives. Underneath on Level 2, you can be at eye level with the tank on Level 3 & you can view the tank from the top on Level 4. During this visit, we just so happened to arrive at feeding time and got to watch the behaviors of the animals while being fed. It was a cool sight to see, honestly.

Gulf Stream Oculus at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

On level 4, they also have a touch tank with sting rays in it. There are instructions on how to properly touch the animals so neither you nor the animals get hurt in the process.

I’ve never touched one before this visit, but I mustered up the courage so I wouldn’t look like a chicken in front of my little brother. It felt smooth, slimy, and kinda like leather. It really seems like the sting rays like to be touched to because they come to you!

Sting Ray Touch Tank at Phillip & Patricia Frost Science Museum

Aforementioned, the museum offers planetarium shows throughout the day. The options are “Worlds Beyond Earth” narrated by Lupita Nyong’o, “Dynamic Earth” narrated by Liam Neeson, & “Phantom of The Universe: The hunt for dark matter” narrated by Tilda Swinton.

No recording is allowed during the show, but I promise it’s one that you’ll soon not forget. The visual effects of the planetarium were amazing & pretty trippy. The show was both informative and entertaining

The only places I did not visit was the cafe & the gift shop. It was a gift in itself to visit this museum and have such a great time with my brother who is a decade younger than I am.

I would recommend this museum to any & everybody who’s looking to learn something new and wants to visit a cool museum. I would recommend this museum to tourists & locals alike. It’s something fun to do in Miami for the whole family.

10/10 , would recommend & would go again.

You can visit their website at

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