Chick’n Cone: A Sweet & Savory Treat

Chick’n Cone has recently opened a location in Fort Lauderdale. A friend and I decided to give it a try for the very first time and the location did not disappoint.

Two Chick’n cones & fries combo

This TikTok referred eatery is a unique twist on chicken and waffles. Chick’n Cone is a fast & convenient way to get your fix of chicken and waffles.

Chickncone Menu

Maybe you’re feeling spicy… or maybe you’re feeling sweet! No matter what you’re feeling, Chickncone’s got ya covered! My friend did the Cinna-Maple combo & I got the Peri Peri combo. Both were divine!

My friend unhinges his jaw to eat

The restaurant is fairly sized, but kind of a hole in the wall. Luckily they share a parking lot with a few other local Fort Lauderdale businesses that have picnic tables set out under umbrellas in the parking lot.

Once you’ve placed your order, you can find a nice spot to wait and listen out for your name being called through their pickup window. Pictured above.

Honestly, Chickn’ cone had great chicken, and fries were fresh, quality made and simply delicious!

However, I was under the impression the waffle cones would be soft or warm. Which was a bit of a disappointment for me.

The waffle cones were actually quite crunchy & a little hard in comparison to the rest of the meal.

When I crave chicken and waffles it is also for the fluffiness and warmness of the waffle. So if that is something you can relate to I would not suggest this place.

Overall the experience was good, service was good and food was good! I say 8/10 simply because of my personal preferences to using what seemed like a regular store bought waffle cone.

I personally do not think I would return to Chickn’ cone again, unless someone else was paying for the meal.

Nevertheless, if you are curious to find out just how good Chickn’Cone is, visit their new location in Fort Lauderdale. Check them out on Instagram or their website.

Thank you for reading!

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