Telfar Global Shopping Bags: An Honest Review & Tips On How To Secure Your Own Telfar Bag.

I am lucky enough to be the owner of not one, but three Telfar Clemmens shopping bags and after using them for a few months there are a some things I have begun to notice about the bags.

Telfar Clemmens started the business Telfar in 2005, with a goal of creating a fashion trend for everyone.

I loved that concept from the beginning because I believe fashion tries to be too restricting. Fashion designers create the product but I believe that it’s regular people that bring brands to life.

What I admire most about the brand is that everything is unisex. I have male friends that I can go out with we have matching handbags and I think that’s pretty damn cool.

Mykera Thee Manifestor (Left) & Her Male friend
Featuring their Telfar Shopping Bags

Now, my personal favorite sized Telfar is the medium. Simply because it can fit all your personal belongings without feeling like you’re being too weighed down. Just like any other Telfar you can wear it on your wrist, over the shoulder or even cross-bodied. It includes one large zipper pocket on the inside and ample space.

Mykera Thee Manifestor & Mini Tan Telfar Bag

My first Telfar was a small Tan shopping bag. While I love tiny bags as much as the next person, this bag really challenges your Tetris skills as it relates to getting all of your needed items into one bag.

This bag does not include a zipper but does however include a secret mini pocket posed as the inner tag of the bag.

One of my favorite Telfar Owners secret is the secret pockets they include in their shopping bags. Posed as a regular bag tag logo, it’s really a secret mini pocket to be used at your discretion. 😉

Telfar Clemmens Secret Pocket

They include these logo tag pockets in all three sizes of their bags. It is quite small, so here is another picture to reference when thinking about what you can conceal in your secret pocket.

Telfar Secret Pocket

The label tags/secret pockets are the same size amongst all of their bags and can prove to be very useful if utilized correctly.

We all know Telfar is in high demand so here are some tips on how to get a Telfar bag of your own:

First things first, create an account on their website and upload all of your information. You should not be entering any personal information on bag drop day.

Secondly, make sure you are subscribed to their email list so you know exactly what dates and times (check the time zone) you need to be on their website for drops.

Lastly, if you know you’re not fast enough to acquire the bags the regular way just have patience!

The bag security program hosted by Telfar allows you to select any bag color and size for 24 hours with no limits set. The only difference is your bags arrive a few months after purchase opposed to the usual week of shipping.

Through Telfar’s bag security program you can have every and any bag you want without worrying they may sell out by the time you get to checkout.

Now some of you may be thinking, “I’ll just purchase from someone reselling the bag”.

Before doing that consider how harmful that is to this black owned brand and many others. By purchasing from resellers and supporting their price gouging, you directly hurt many black owned businesses and their patrons. Buy from the source and be patient, it’s the best way to make the black dollar count.

Now the cons to the Telfar bag are few and far between but I will speak on it. The small Telfar bags are exactly as described, SMALL.

All I can fit in a small Telfar is my iPhone 11Pro, my keys & MAYBE my wallet & some lipgloss but at that point the bag can no longer close.

The magnet on the small bag isn’t strong enough so if there is any pressure on the sides of the bag, it will remain open.

I personally wish the straps were detachable as most bags come with the straps attached in that manner. With Telfar the straps are stitched on and can be tucked into the bag when not in use but for the small bag this can be especially annoying seeing as there isn’t much room for them.

I have recently purchased my first large Telfar bag with Telfar’s latest bag security program and am waiting for it to arrive somewhere between July and September. Only after experiencing all three will I create a YouTube review of my favorite and least favorite things about different sized Telfar bags.

Overall, I am a fan of these vegan leather Telfar Bags! They are cute & simple. Dress them up or dress them down. Use them as a fashion bag or even as a spennanight bag. Young, old, female or male, anyone with a sense of fashion can wear a Telfar Bag.

You can check out more about the Telfar brand on their website or through their Instagram page. If you want to be featured on their page, tag them in your posts!

Thank you for reading!

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