Duck Donuts: Delicious Donuts Made To Order

This local shop in Boca Raton crafts freshly custom made donuts! These donuts are made fresh to order for each and every one of it’s customers. As a first time visitor to this restaurant I took it upon myself to order a dozen donuts and taste test them and tell you all about it!

The selection at duck donuts seems never ending. While they have their specialty donuts & fan favorites, you can also customize your donuts to your liking. All donuts are made with a regular vanilla donut, you can select it’s coating, topping & even add a drizzle to create your perfect donut.

If you’re an indecisive person like I am, you may be more open to their signature assortment of donuts provided at the register at the time of order. Make sure you take your time and really look over their menu selections, there are so many good ones you may just want to try them all!

Once you’ve placed your order they immediately drop the dough for the donuts into the fryers. It was 5-7 minutes later that my entire order was complete and tempting me to tear up those donuts right there in the establishment. With strict covid restrictions in place I respectfully took the donuts to a local park to devour.

Now, if you’ve never had freshly made donuts you a truly missing out! These donuts were warm, soft, savory & sweet to the perfect degree! My personal favorites were The boardwalk & Blueberry Cheesecake.

Everyone in the establishment was extremely nice & courteous. They greeted my party immediately as we came through the door and ensured we loved the way our donuts looked before we left.

It also was brought to my attention that they have a student discount of 10% off your order if you go to the local university, FAU. So if you are an FAU student looking for a restaurant with student discount, this is a great place to stop for dessert (or maybe even breakfast).

10/10 will be returning to duck donuts again! They’re a little pricey but definitely worth it! Check out their website or check them out on Instagram Duckdonuts.

Thank you for reading!

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