MIY Ceramics Hollywood: Make It Yourself Ceramics Class Review

Whether you’re living in South Florida or just visiting, you may find yourself tired of doing the same old things. Eating out, Clubbing and going to the beach can get tiring if you do it too frequently.

Sometimes in order to try something new, and out of the box you’ve got to find the hidden gems within the city!

While scouring Groupon for something fun & cheap to do in South Florida, I stumbled across the MIY Ceramics hand-building class.

For only $21 you can engage in a hands-on class that teaches the basics of creating ceramics. I do want to emphasize this is a hand-building class, i.e. you will not be working with the pottery wheel but with your hands, clay and other provided tools.

They provide tools like stamps, clay rollers & clay molds to create your desired art project.

In addition to the $21 payment for the Groupon, you pay for the weight of your creation. They charge by the pound. They also offer different finishes for your project, you can paint it yourself or get the house glaze.

I personally suggest getting your handmade creation finished with the “House Glaze”.

Incense Holder after being baked and finished with the house glaze.

It took about 3 and a half weeks to get my item back. The class is so popular their ovens are backed up with products that need the final glazing.

The class starts with the basics, teaching you how to mould clay into your desired form.

The instructor of the class will want you to follow along with their design before starting your own, and you may change it to whatever you like.

Once the basics have been covered, you can request as much clay as it takes to make your ceramic dreams come true. You are only charged for the weight of your creation and they recycle the clay that goes unused.

The instructor of the class was very informative, friendly and chatty. They are a very “by the book” place so try to follow the instructor as closely as possible and do your best to keep at her pace or she may grow a bit frustrated.

While everyone did keep their mask on for the entirety of the session, there wasn’t any hand-sanitizer or cleansing wipes provided and we did share many of the same tools.

If you are a germaphobe keep in mind you may likely have to bring your own cleaning supplies to reduce the spread of germs between you and others.

The class was about 2 hours long and Hollywood’s Young Circle is just around the corner. So after ceramics class you can get a bite to eat, drink or even find a lounge to hang out in.

I suggest calling MIY Ceramics after purchasing your Groupon online to verify the availability in the classes as they are filling up quickly this summer! I would definitely recommend this class as I have purchased the Groupon again!

Thank you for reading!

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