Twistee Treat

I recently took a trip to Kissimmee Florida with my family. On my way to my destination, I saw the cutest little ice cream cone and honestly, I shouldn’t say little because it was huge! I convinced my entire family to stop at this cute ice cream shop to see what it was all about.

The label on the ice cream cone read Twistee Treat and I quickly began to do my research. Their ice cream cone stands at 25 ft. tall and they are scattered all around the state of Florida but mostly are placed in Central Florida. They also have a great rewards program that can be redeemed at any one of their stands. I signed up for the program just in case I get the chance to visit again.

With the current state of our nation, it can be difficult to find fun and safe ways to spend time with your family. If you’re looking to spend some sweet time with your family this spot is it! You can either get your icecream from the drive-thru or sit at one of their benches and enjoy your ice cream right away!

Enjoying my Twistee Treat in front of Twistee Treat!

I started off with cake batter ice cream in a waffle cone. I wanted to give their ice cream a try before I created my own sundae. I must admit, Twistee Treats ice cream was amazing! I only wish that I could eat faster than the Florida sun could melt my cone! I quickly polished off that first cone in no time!

At that point, there was no doubt in my mind that Twistee Treat was exactly what I needed on this hot summer day. I went back up to the order window and confidently ordered My Sundae with Cake Batter ice cream with brownie and cheesecake pieces, topped with a caramel drizzle, and OMG I was in ice cream heaven.

Twistee Treat Sundae

I honestly wish they had a location in Miami but it looks like every time I take a trip to central Florida I will be making a stop and racking up on my Twistee Treat points.

They even provided a place to stand if you want to take pictures! They encouraged photo-taking with their social media contest. I submitted my pictures to the contest on my Instagram.

From the youngest to the eldest, my family and I left fully satisfied with our experience at Twistee Treat. If you’re located in Central Florida and you’re craving something sweet or just looking for an excuse to get out of the house I recommend Twistee Treat. 10/10 Will definitely go again!

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