Mykera Thee Manifestor

The origin story of a girl who constantly doubted her abilities, not knowing she was not only in control of her destiny but she herself, was magic.

Hello reader of this blog post! I wanted to start this blog by introducing myself to you. My name is Mykera Crawford and I am 23 years old. I currently reside in South Florida, but originally I am from Windsor, Ontario (that it’s Canada btw).

Since moving to South Florida, I have become such a Floridian! I visit the beach as much as I possibly to swim, lounge or even grab drinks. My favorite past times are taking hikes in our nature preserves, biking, skating or participating in outdoor water sports (kayaking, paddle boarding, etc).

When I am stuck inside I enjoy drawing, baking, jewelry making, painting, cooking, writing, photography, sewing, content creating and more. Ideally, I like to end everyday feeling like I created something positive to either help myself or others.

I decided to finally create this blog because after sitting at home everyday due to the current pandemic, I realized just how fun my life was before it hit! I start my day looking at my snapchat memories from the previous years. This pandemic helped me realize how much of my life I was taking for granted and how much I love the documentation of life.

I am utilizing this blog so that the world may see itself through my eyes. I am a fun and loving girl who is always up for an adventure. On this blog (and on my Youtube Channel) you will see adventures from my past to my present and with much more to come in the future.

I want to see more stories about women like me so I have decided to write my own!

I am the ruler of my universe and the manifestor of my future.

I hope you enjoy.


Mykera Crawford aka Mykera Thee Manifestor

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